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New computers!

Our heart felt thanks to the Dalton school for funding the new computers at the Elma School. The children are so excited and can’t wait to have a go!    ... read more

The Leap Tour Cycling Volunteers arrive!

The Leap Tour Cycling volunteers have come to visit The Elma school to help with teaching the children. There will be 16 students visiting from the 11th January to the 12th  February and they will be helping to teach English to the Elma children as well as helping out with local projects.  In the mornings the students will be assisting with projects to bring water and sanitation to the villages. They will be helping the community build wells and toilets for the The Elma students in their home villages. They will be building in the mornings and then in the afternoons will be teaching English to the school children. The Elma Trust would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to all of the students from The Leap Tour Cycling group. Your hard work is making a huge difference to the lives of the children and their... read more

The New Academic Year

After the summer holidays, the school has now started the new academic year (2015-2016). The Teachers started a week earlier than students in order to prepare. With the new Robin Kindergarten classroom, the Elma School will be enrolling 3-4 year olds this year! The new Kindergarten building provides ample space for the new students and allows them to learn in a very comfortable environment as it is fully equipped with air conditioning. The playground has also been updated this year and the children are loving the new slide and swings!   The New Robin Kindergarten classroom Parents come in to the school to enrol their children The classroom full of eager learners! Practising his English in front of the class…. (brave chap!) Having some fun on the new slide!... read more

Trying for Cambodia

Back in 2013 Amber Knights, a full time mother of 3 children, took it upon herself to raise money for Cambodia, a place close to her heart as her son was born there. Previously, Amber had raised funds for the Children’s Relief Centre in Phnom Penh by running a half marathon. In need of another impossible challenge, Amber set up ‘Trying for Cambodia’, she planned to participate in the Malta Triathlons and raise funds for her cause. This time round she wanted to have more of a structure to her fundraising and work towards giving impoverished children some form of education and perhaps a platform for a better future. In so doing she got in contact with the Elma Trust; A relationship was born between ‘Trying For Cambodia’ and the Elma Trust and so the fundraising began as well as the intense training. The Elma Trust School in Siem Reap were in desperate need of a new library which fitted in perfectly with what ‘Trying for Cambodia’ were trying to achieve. During that time Amber was introduced to Feltom (Federation of English Language teaching Organisations of Malta). It couldn’t have come at a better time as Feltom kindly agreed to contribute their CSR for that year towards the good cause. Over the months, Amber participated in 6 triathlons and collectively with Feltom raised over €10,000 that was donated to the Elma Trust; plans got rapidly underway to build the much needed library for the Elma School which was given the name the Feltom Library. Over a year on and the Library has been invaluable, the children use it to... read more

New Bike Parking

The Elma Trust would like to thank the Cambodia Cycling Tour for their fund raising to create bike parking at The Elma School.  We’d also like to thank the 7 volunteers for spending a week with the children at the school to help them with their English... read more

Robin Kindergarten

The new Kindergarten, kindly donated by Lynn and David Airey, is now complete! It has had the finishing touches of a Robin mural painted on the front. We’d like to thank our donors, Lynn and David and everyone for your support in raising funds for the school equipment and furniture.    ... read more

Alex raises over £440 for The Elma School!

Our thanks to Alex who completed the Great North Run for us on Sunday 13th September – smashing his target of £300 and raising a whopping £443 for The Elma School! Great job Alex! It’s not too late to donate 🙂 http://www.totalgiving.co.uk/mypage/alexgnrelmatrust  ... read more

Alex is entering The Great North Run – to raise funds for ELMA

Alex and Elaine have been sponsoring a child’s education through The Elma Trust since 2011. Alex has decided that he would like to raise funds for The Elma trust and has entered The Great North Run! Here is the link if you’d like to sponsor him to raise the vital funds to support the Elma School. http://www.totalgiving.co.uk/mypage/alexgnrelmatrust Many thanks Alex! and all the best for the day!   ____________________________ Message from Alex: I will be running the Great North Run on Sunday 13th September 2015. I’ve always wanted to complete my local Marathon before I’m 40 so here it goes, it’s my last chance! I hope to raise essential funds for The ELMA Trust in Cambodia which supports the ELMA School and Orphanage – providing the children with essential food, accommodation and education. This is something very close to my heart, not only is it named in memory of a lovely lady, my mother-in-law, but also I am extremely proud of my sister in law Jacquie , (Elma’s daughter) who set this charity up in 2006. Since 2011 Elaine and I have been sponsoring Chea aged 9, one of the children at the Orphanage, providing support for his education and care, its clear to see from the updates we receive what a difference the Orphanage has made to his life and the lives of the other children who live there. The Elma School provides English language lessons for around 400 children aged 4 -18. The Elma Orphange provides a home for up to 15 babies, toddlers and older children. The orphanage also has an English language school in its grounds,... read more

The new kindergarten class – nears completion

We are all delighted to see the NEW Kindergarten class room! Work is almost finished and the builders have done an amazing job in such a short space of time! The rooms have been brightly painted and are light and airy!  The children can’t wait to get in there and start their play and learning. Our sincere thanks to Lynn and David Airey for their kind donation that allowed us to build the new classrooms. It will make such a difference to the lives of so many children in Siem Reap. We now have to think of a name for the building 🙂  ... read more

Jo Balleine comes back to the Elma School

Jo Balleine, a volunteer who spent several months at The Elma Trust in 2013, came back to visit The Elma School with her Nephew. They spent some time talking through the plans for the new Kindergarten classroom and playing with the children. The children and the teachers were delighted to see Jo again!... read more

Work starts on the new kindergarten class!

Work started back in June on the new Kindergarten class.  The teachers and the children are just delighted and can’t wait to see it finished. The funds for the project were kindly donated by Lynn and David Airey, and pretty quickly the plans were put into action! Here we can see the start of the construction to create the new building which will provide a much needed Kindergarten class as well as a teachers office. Thank you so much Lynn and David!    ... read more

Gill’s first blog for The Elma Trust

Here’s the thing…… Life has a funny way of getting in the way of your plans. Here I was, just getting on with every day, when my oldest and dearest friend Jacquie, suggested I go with her to Cambodia, to visit the school I had been sponsoring, when she next visited. Sounded good to me. Yes, I was sure I wasn’t doing anything in March 2015 and nope, didn’t have anything on that I couldn’t cancel, rearrange, reorganise……….. Long story short, Jacquie was unable to go (another example of life and plans) so I decided to go anyway. Tanya, another friend and sponsor, also decided she might go too –  so we did, accompanied by Ted, our intrepid travelling and multi fashioned Dress a Bear bear, cast aside by maturing children, who opted for a one-way ticket. The trip was to have a very profound effect/affect? (More on that later) not only on me but my ride through this life.  As the saying goes, ‘If things aren’t going right, turn left.” Philosophical musings are all very well, but you have to take notice of them and things weren’t going right, not right at all. I’d lost my beloved husband when he lost his fight with the Big C, lost my adored little rescue dog when he lost his with an angry, gun toting farmer and was beginning to get pretty lost myself. The thought of returning back to corporate life with the pressures, stress, politics and knowledge that, like everyone else, I was just a number on the pay roll, being managed by 16 year olds, went on the... read more

New Photographs

We’ve just received our regular update from the School Director, Sann Sieng. We couldn’t resist publishing some of the pictures he sent. We hope you like them too!   Sann Sieng – our School Director with the children from The Elma School          ... read more

We have a new sponsor!

The Elma Trust would like to thank Chris Hodder of  CIH Solutions Ltd for sponsoring a child’s education through The Elma Trust. There are many children in the village of Siem Reap that are being brought up by their extended families, and so the sponsorship provided will not only cover their education with the Elma School – but also monthly food parcels, school uniforms and access to regular after school clubs.  We will be sending Chris regular updates on the child’s progress and performance along with photographs of their after-school club activities. If you would like to learn more about Sponsoring a child’s education with The Elma Trust, please find out more here: www.theelmatrust.org/getinvolved.... read more

The Cambodian Pyramid

During our visit in April, the children of The Elma School performed a “Cambodian Pyramid” in the welcoming ceremony. We think they were amazing!   Take a look at our video and let us know what you think? Elma pyramid... read more