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Kay Burley works with The Elma Trust

Kay Burley is an English television newsreader, presenter and journalist, best known as a news anchor for Sky News since 1988. Kay is also an Elma Trust sponsor and has spent time with the Children at the Elma School in Siem Reap. In this article Kay shares her influences, her indulgences and her support for the Elma Trust. Kay is sponsoring 2 children through school with the Elma Trust. Read more... read more

Volunteer, Alex Williams, sends us the football results!

After first week: My mum Lynn and I began our visit to the ELMA school on a bright Thursday morning, when we were met by a quite spectacular welcome at the gates from all the children and staff. It was then our honour to attend performances by both the dance and music clubs, followed by a closely contested football match between the A and B teams. We were incredibly impressed at what has been achieved with only one hour a week spent in each of the respective clubs! After blowing out the candles on the welcome cake presented to us by the staff and sharing it out with the kindergarten children, Mum and I commenced English classes as assistants to the staff. I took on the role previously occupied by the CD in reading out the conversations in the textbooks! The students seem to really enjoy the classes, particularly my funny faces used to explain the pronunciation of difficult words! For mum, Friday morning was spent with the kindergarten class (who are just adorable!). They did some work on numbers to ten and then enjoyed some time colouring in number related sheets. For me, Friday morning was set aside for Maths. In Maths, focus was on the various signs used in sums, and how we spell and write these signs. After lunch both mum and I spent some more time with the Maths classes. We were very impressed with the students maths abilities! For the final hour of the day, after changing into my Manchester United strip,I proceeded to be embarrassed by the high quality of football offered by... read more

Lynn Airey reflects on her trip to The Elma School

Well I’m finally back in the UK and the warmth of the Cambodian climate and people seems a long way away but the wonderful memories of my time at the Elma School will stay with me for a very long time. I’m really going to miss the wonderful teachers, the happy smiling faces of the children, their melodic chant of “Good morning teacher” and their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. I still have going through my head the songs we sung (many times!) – Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, The Alphabet Song and of course The Hokey Cokey which the students particularly seemed to enjoy! I found teaching the Kindergarten class particularly enjoyable and I must admit that I think I had nearly as much fun as they did doing the crafts projects we did each day! As you will see from the photos, the children produced some wonderful results – and hopefully learnt a little bit more English at the same time! I taught a number of different classes during my time at the Elma School. One class I shall always remember is when I was asked to teach on my own a class of 30 students who are only just beginning to learn English. It was quite daunting to say the least! But it’s amazing what can be achieved using gestures, smiles, flash cards and a few choruses of the Alphabet Song!! On my last day at the Elma School we were taken to visit the families of 2 of the students. It was very humbling to see how these children lived. They have so little and... read more