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Would you like to get involved with The Elma Trust?  There are many ways to support our work and we are always interested to hear your ideas!   Please do get in touch with us if you would like to get involved in any way. Contact us here.  

See below for details on fund raising, donating, child sponsorship and volunteering


Would you like to help us Fund Raise for The Elma Trust? We have had friends sky-dive, abseil, run marathons and even hold garage sales in order to raise vital funds for The Elma Trust.

If you would like to raise funds, we can help you set up a dedicated website to publish your fund raising event so that you (and your sponsors) can see how much you’ve raised to support us!

100% of the funds that you raise are used to provide education, books, uniforms and play materials for the children of Siem Reap. Please feel free to get in touch – or click the link to setup your fundraising page today!


Fund Raise for The Elma Trust

We can set up your dedicated “Web site” for fundraising and you can publish the link to all of your friends via social media.

Set up your Fund Raising Web Site


The Elma Trust relies on donations and child sponsorships to raise the funds required to provide education, books, uniforms and play materials for the children of Siem Reap.   100% of the donation you give will go to support the Children of Siem Reap’s education.

Donate to The Elma Trust

100% of the donations received go towards the provision of Education, Accommodation and Food.

Make an On-Line Donation

Sponsor a Child’s education

The Elma Trust has a Sponsorship Programme to allow supporters to Sponsor a child’s education through The Elma Trust.  For as little as a regular contribution of £20 per month you can sponsor the education of a child in Siem Reap.

Sponsor a child's education

Join The Elma Trust child Sponsorship Programme

Set up a regular Sponsorship


The Elma Trust actively encourages volunteering. The benefits for both the children and the teachers are immeasurable.  The Elma Trust provides full support for any individuals that would like to spend time working with the children and the teachers. The teachers also benefit from conversation with native English speakers, and are always open to new ideas on how to engage the children in active learning. If you would like to volunteer, please contact us via the email link with your thoughts on what you would like to do and when you are planning on visiting Cambodia.


We welcome English speaking volunteers. Please contact us to find out more.

Contact us regarding Volunteering