Student Profiles

Sokpanny Kong


Sokpanny was born in 1995 in Sambour Village, Sambour Commune. Her father is a farmer and her mother is a housewife, she has three sisters. Teachers at Elma comment that Sokpanny learns very quickly and they hope that one day she would like teach the younger students at school.

Sokpanny on Elma School; “ I thank Elma School for helping me to learn English, I come here because I want a bright future. My family is so happy, we have no money, but I can come to Elma and have an education. This is very important.”

Mr. Kong Rathy, age 38, and Mrs Mom Soka, age 38, are parents of Elma student Sokpanny Kong: In addition to Sokpanny they have 3 other daughters aged 18, 15 and 7. Mr. Kong is a rice farmer and Mrs Mom looks after her family. They live in a small hut in Sambour Village. Mr. Kong says of Elma; “I’m so happy about the Elma English School, all of my children have been keen to learn and it is their dream to be able to speak English but I have been unable to pay for them to go to school as we do not make enough money from this farm, but Elma is free and so they have many opportunities”.  Mrs Mom; “ My eldest daughter works on a golf course in the town (Siem Reap) she struggled to learn English and did not have the real opportunities. Now I see Sokpanny practicing her English and it makes me so happy, she is very good and can now even teach the younger children. I would like her to continue and become a good teacher. This is possible with Elma”.

Miya Ker


Miya was born in 1991 in Sambour Village, Sambour Commune. His father is a farmer and his mother is a housewife, he has four brothers and four sisters. Miya has studied at Elma for 1 years and has made excellent progress, his teachers comment that he has great potential.

Miya on Elma “ English is the second language in the world of Cambodia, if I know English well it will be easy for me to communicate. I’m learning but I always want to improve, I want to stay at Elma and I would like to be like my teacher and find a good job. Last year I could only speak a few words, it was very difficult to learn but I try my best for my studies. I want to help my family. I don’t want to let this golden opportunity slip away, no one can help you if you don’t help yourself”

Po Pav


Po was born in 1990 in Phnou Village, Sambour Commune. His father is a farmer and his mother is a housewife, he has three brothers and three sisters. He has been studying at Elma for two years and according to his teacher, shows excellent potential.

Po on Elma School; “My family is not rich and could not afford to send me to study as the other schools are very expensive for us, so I’m happy that Elma is here. I hope Elma will help me until I know English well enough and I try to be a knowledgeable student. I really love this language and I want to be teacher in the future.”

Soeurt Plock


Soeurt was born in 1992 in Chrey Village, Sambour Commune.  Her father is a farmer and her mother is a housewife, she has two brothers and two sisters. She has studied at Elma for two years and is now confident enough to begin to teach younger students at the school.

Souert on Elma; “Since I was tiny I wanted to learn English but the school was far away, I didn’t have a bicycle and my family do not have money. When Elma school opened I was happy and I knew that this was my only hope for an education. Now I can read English well and I’m improving my writing and speaking everyday. I hope that when I finish Elma School I can get a good job, I want to be a nurse and I hope to please my parents, they speak to me about how much an education can help our family and they are so happy when they see me practising English”  

Mr. Chean Plock, age 39, and Mrs Bun Sam, age 39, are parents of Elma student Soeurt Plock: In addition to Soeurt they have 4 other children age 18, 16, 13 and 9 years. Mr. Plock is a rice farmer and Mrs Sam looks after her family. They live in a small hut in Chrey Village, Sambour Commune. Mr. Plock says of Elma; “ I am very happy that Elma opened in this area, there has never been a school like this before and we always hoped that there would be a way for our children to have an education that was free. We can not afford to pay school fees as we are very poor farmers, but want our children to have a brighter future and support our family” .Mrs Sam says; “ Education is so important, it is the only way to escape being poor and so I always try to motivate Soeurt at home to practice her school studies, I know she is a strong student and I would like her to follow her dreams. If she wants to attend University then she should be able to. I am thankful every day to Elma School”.